Standard Price List

The following list details the type of instrumentation and equipment we can calibrate with current guide line calibration costs. All prices exclude VAT.
Please call and we will be happy to confirm a price for your equipment.

Electrical Test Equipment

17th Edition Testers

Insulation/Continuity Testers (£35.00)
Earth Loop Impeadance  Testers (£35.00)
Earth Leakage Clamp Meters (£39.00)
RCD Testers (£35.00)
Combined RCD/Loop Testers (£50.00)
Multifunction XXth Ed Testers (£65.00)
Ground/Earth Testers (£39.50)
PAT Testers (£ 48.00 to £60.00) Call
Verification Check Boxes (£50.00)
AC Voltage Measuring Meters (£35.00) Call
Multi Box Sets (3 items) (£90.00)
AC Clamp Meters (£35.00)

Electrical Test Meters

Up to 4  Digit Portable Multimeters (£42.00)
Up to 5 Digit Bench Multimeters (£58.00)
Up to 6 Digit Bench Multimeters (£68.00)
Oscilloscopes up to 4Ch (Mains) (Call)
Scopemeters 2 Ch (£72.00) (Call)
Frequency/ Function Generators (£65.00) Call
Frequency Counters (£45.00) (Call)
Resistance Decade Boxes (£40.00)
AC/DC Clamp Meters (£39.00)
DC Voltage Sources 0 to 10V (Time Electronic) (£42.00)
DC Current Sources (Time Electronic) (£42.00)                                                                                          DC Power Supplies (Call)    
AC Proving Units (£20.00)                             

Process Control & Instrumentation

4 - 20 mA Calibrators (£40.00)
DC Volt Calibrators (Call)
Thermocouple/RTD Input Temperature Reading Instruments, Hand Held (£43.00)
Thermocouple/RTD Input Temperature Reading Instruments, Panel Mount (£38.00)
Electrical Tacho Ratiometers (£35.00)
Chart Recorders (£72.00) Call For Input Type

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