Company Policy  

                                                                                                                            Health & Safety

It is the policy of the company that all employees will be kept informed of all relevant changes in Health & Safety or working practises that may change from time to time in keeping with modern day operational standards and requirements. This policy will be upheld by either specific off or on the job training for individuals or by external training depending on the particular subject matter, hazard or risk undertaken. Manex Utility Services is registered under the goverment health & safety scheme CHAS for electrical installation works and maintenance.


To accomplish quality objectives, the company has implemented and shall maintain a fully effective and economic Quality Assurance System. The Managing Director of Manex Utility Services has overall responsibility for the implementation of the Company Policy on Quality. Every employee has a responsibility for the quality of work they undertake and for reporting problems as and when they occur. Management has the responsibility and authority to develop, establish and maintain documented procedures to ensure compliance with Company Policy.

Environmental Policy

Our environmental policy statement lists our objectives to comply with the relevant environmental legislation notably the duty of care towards waste disposal and the hazardous waste regulations.


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